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Matterport Enables Interactive 3D Measurements For Its Spatial Data Platform

December 12, 2019

Matterport, the market leader for spatial data capture, today made Measurement Mode available in Showcase, the company’s web-based client for exploring its 3D spaces. The new functionality gives users the ability to share measurements taken in a Matterport 3D digital twin with anyone, allowing them to accurately measure rooms, windows, doors, or furniture with a simple click or tap on a PC or mobile device. 

“Measurement Mode is an important step in our strategy to turn buildings into data and actionable insights,” said RJ Pittman, CEO. “This new capability gives customers an invaluable tool for sharing vital information of spaces or objects within a Matterport digital twin. The potential for smarter space planning, utilization, and collaboration for the built world is enormous.”

Industries spanning real estate; architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); retail; travel and hospitality; insurance and restoration will benefit from this important new capability.

“Measurement Mode is a great example of meaningful innovation within the property insurance ecosystem,” said Mark Whatley, Senior Vice President of Claims Operations, CORE Group. “This new capability allows contractors and claims professionals to quickly confirm the accuracy of the associated sketc

h, subsequently constraining the arguments and reducing cycle times. Matterport’s technology continues to function as a credible and consistent dispute prevention tool, providing opportunities for contractors and claims professionals to transcend the traditional pitfalls that contribute to the outsized amounts of administrative waste that are currently bogging down our industry.”

AEC professionals can share Matterport digital twins with stakeholders so they can review property measurements from anywhere in the world. Or, they could make a bid for a project virtually, and dramatically reduce the number of change orders. 

“Matterport’s Measurement Mode gives our users additional value,” said Dan Cardona, Chief Operation Officer, Apex Imaging Systems.

“Being able to quickly verify measurements in a digital twin, we increase the accuracy of bids. Plus, we save time and money by eliminating the need to send teams around the country to re-verify measurements.”

For real estate professionals, the new measurement tool provides another selling point for agents and/or sellers by allowing prospective buyers or tenants to virtually measure if a space can accommodate their furniture, artwork, rugs and other design elements. 

The company is taking Measurement Mode further in 2020, eliminating the need for customers to take manual measurements in Showcase. Cortex, Matterport’s AI, will automatically identify and measure landmark features like doorways, windows and ceiling heights, saving customers a significant amount of time.

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