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We create 3D models of real world places using the best camera in the business

What we offer

Using our 3D camera we can capture any space and create an immersive virtual walkthrough tour, 2D floor plans, dollhouse view of the space, a highlight reel/ guided tour, 360 degree exterior views, information tags to show any special features and enable measurements to be taken within a 3D Showcase.

How it works

First we capture the designated space using our 3D camera. Then we stitch together all of the data to create a virtual reality tour/ 3D showcase and any other desired features.  Lastly we create a unique URL link or QR code that can easily be embedded onto a website or social media.


Matterport 2.png
Matterport stats.png

With over 2 million spaces captured to date, Matterport has the most extensive index of the built world 


Some examples of our work


We are a family run business based in the west midlands, uk. There has been a growing trend towards 3D virtual reality uses in many industries across the world so we have invested in a high end specialised camera and software to enable us to create these 3D Virtual Tours, 3D Showcases or Digital twins.


West Midlands 

Tel: +44 07506 370 577

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